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If you need one or more tracks for your film or videogame, this service is our main activity.
Under your advice, our team can rework music with creativity and experience, arranging songs at their best.
Advertisements tunes, cinematic trailers, commercials and jingles for logos: based on your needs, we can create soundtracks that better represent your brand.

Mixing represents the balance of each track within a piece of music, while Mastering aims at refining the whole audio of one or more tracks. We provide this kind of services taking advantage of the best and most performing audio softwares, while applying a professional attitude in order to satisfy every kind of request.

Sound Design consists in the creation of the sounds universe around any audiovisual project: recording of ambient sounds for movies, composition of videogames sound effects, synchronization of audio and video in commercials. Creativity is our main strength when handling sound in all its forms.

Writing a score is a piece of cake for us! We manage musical scores and sheets, thanks to our daily activity of composition and arrangement. OL Music ensures a professional, precise job for scoring all kinds of music: there are no limits that cannot be exceeded, just ask and all our experience will meet your needs.

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We have worked with:Our Partners


We have worked with:Our Partners


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