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Two friends, two musicians. Two minds, two ears.
Let us briefly tell the story of OL Music with words and notes.




I was born between black and white piano keys. I’m a pianist, a musicologist and a composer.

I started studying piano when I was very young, and I spent nine years of studies from classical music to jazz.

In my teens, I got  interested in rock, electronic and ambient music; that’s how I approached the world of synthesizers and live music, playing keyboards in various live bands. Since then, research work on sound and musical instruments has gone hand in hand with live performances.

In fact, the recent collaboration with Sony Italy as keyboard player also figures in the work done as a session player.

I always had a strong passion for cinema and soundtracks, which led me to study audiovisual subjects in Rome, at La Sapienza University: I graduated first in 2013 in Literature, Music and Entertainment, and then in 2017 with a Master’s degree in Musicology.

During this period there have been collaborations with advertising companies and emerging film directors for whom I composed the first soundtracks; among them, in 2013, the commercial “Lo spreco non ha volto” was the winner of the competition organized by the Italian Institution called ENEA (Ente Nazionale Energia Alternativa) for social awareness on waste reduction.

Willing to improve myself in applied music, in 2019 I attended a Film Music class at the Accademia di Cinema Griffith, where I had the opportunity to meet important figures working in film business and to learn avant-guard theories and practices of music writing.



I mainly play drums, but I am also a composer, sound designer and producer.

I started playing at the age of 13, in all the garages in Chieti, my small town where I was born and grew. I took academic lessons and graduated in 2008 under the guidance of teacher Danny Manzo, historical drummer of the Italian music scene.

After many experiences playing drums in various rock bands, I moved to Bologna where I continued my musical and university studies. In 2011 I joined a band called Earthset where I still play as a performer in Italy and abroad. We deal with the composition of soundtracks for silent movies from the 20s, since we won an advanced training class on audiovisual music called “Soundtrack”, at the Music Center of Modena, under the guidance of Corrado Nuccini (giardini di mirò), Nicola Manzan, Massimo Volume and Tiziano Bianchi.

In particular we sonorized the first Italian science fiction film (“L’uomo meccanico”, 1921) on which an European national tour was organized.

I graduated in History in 2014, immediately afterwards I started my career as a teacher of modern drums and percussion, teaching in two schools: MAN Music Academy and the MusicaPer Association of Bologna.

My first experience in advertisement was marked with the winning of “Take Action” in 2016, for the AIL (Associazione Italiana Leucemia), where I participated in the commercial “Il Tempo”.


Our story

Mobile Videogame ALLONE
Realization of our first soundtrack work: ALLONE, videogame for mobile. It allowed us to train as professionals and gave us the right charge to undertake this wonderful path as OL Music.
MAY 2018
Collaboration with the Rosencrantz & Guildenstern School of Cinema in Bologna
Thanks to this experience we have had the pleasure and the honour of working side by side with young directors.
JUNE 2019
Collaboration with Sony Music Italy
A unique experience that has allowed us to grow professionally and to meet excellent artist and musicians to collaborate with.
JULY 2019
Documentary Alè by SoulFfilm Production
The documentary, commissioned by Infinity Tv, won the Sport Movies & Tv – Milano International Ficts Fest as “Best First Work“ (Enrica Speroni Award).

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