Audio Post Production

If you have any audio recorded, such as conference speeches, scripts of a TV series or a bunch of ambient sounds for a documentary, it is very important to be able to manage these files and maximize their performance. In order to improve the acoustic rendering of each audio track, it is necessary to rely on professional technicians to trait the sound production. This is a must-have for two reasons: experience and tools needed for any kind of audio rework like editing, cleaning and optimizing the sound.

The audio post-production represents a highly specialized work carried out by our sound engineers and audio editors, experts in the field. The OL Music Studio team, following your precious advice, can easily cope with this task, granting a service of fundamental importance.

A big help for your audio tracks

The audio post-production consists in a series of passages to be done directly in your sound tracks. It may concern the resolution of some common problems, for example, cleaning a vocal recording from any background noise, or it may refer to simple audio editing, in order to manage the synchronism between sounds and images, or maybe working to improve the volume of some individual recordings. The post-production service can also be useful for music albums, developing every single track so that each one expresses its full potential for your project.

If you need to correct, treat or improve the sound of your recordings, you can rely on our technicians who can face the quality your project deserves.


Why Choose OL Music

✓ Professionalism

We use the most advanced technologies such as up-to-date recording programs, high-performance hardware and software tools and high quality accessories, which guarantee faithful audio reproduction. Our goal is to make every single piece of work special, according to the customer’s needs and requests.

✓ Experience

OL Music’s team have many session players, arrangers, musicologists, sound engineers and sound designers, all having at least a decade of experience in the music industry. Our knowledge it’s at the service of the customer, collaborating together to get the best solution.

✓ Creativity

Our mission is to achieve the artistic goal and create added value on your projects. We create a real musical communication that can fully represent the customer and the message he wants to launch to his audience, in a totally creative and strictly personalized way.

✓ Expertise

Sound can always be worked on: this task is entrusted both to our technicians for sound quality improvement, and to our producers to improve a composition. We take great care when performing this service. Regardless technical or artistic requirement, our aim is to let your sound shine at its best.

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