Customizing your image with a jingle is essential to make yourself recognizable to audience. For this reason, the making and fulfilment of audio libraries and jingles, especially corporate, requires both technical and creative commitment.

Jingles could be songs for advertising, film trailers, commercials and music for logos. We can create audio tracks that fit better to identify the business presented. It will be our care to deeply get into  your project, understanding its values. Jingles main task is to convey the message through music in order to catch the eye.

We help you to communicate through music.

There are two keywords in this field : speed and communication. We have to be quick and concrete to identifying the message and express it in those few seconds or minutes, during which music strengthens the communication to convince an audience.

How? By giving confidence to the images through a captivating melody, a particular rhythm or with atmospheric music. We look for that combination of music and images that can drag the viewer to the end. That’s why a jingle becomes much more than a piece of music, as a fundamental element of that commercial or trailer.

For any brand, a good jingle adds value to a company and will surely make the difference. Let’s try to create yours together, making it special.


Why Choose OL Music

✓ Professionalism

We use the most advanced technologies such as up-to-date recording programs, high-performance hardware and software tools and high quality accessories, which guarantee faithful audio reproduction. Our goal is to make every single piece of work special, according to the customer’s needs and requests.

✓ Experience

OL Music’s team have many session players, arrangers, musicologists, sound engineers and sound designers, all having at least a decade of experience in the music industry. Our knowledge it’s at the service of the customer, collaborating together to get the best solution.

✓ Creativity

Our mission is to achieve the artistic goal and create added value on your projects. We create a real musical communication that can fully represent the customer and the message he wants to launch to his audience, in a totally creative and strictly personalized way.

✓ Competence

Quality is our keyword, which we can offer you thanks to the pertinence   of our team in music writing, playing and recording. OL music is a bunch of skillful people that can support your music with commitment, passion and extreme professionalism.

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