Mixing & Mastering

This service represents the final phase of your work, the most important and complex of all, that of audio mixing and mastering.

Our attention is focused on the optimization of music as a whole, regardless of type. It can be a song, an album or even an entire soundtrack. If you ask us for some advice, we will be happy to help you!

Performance software for high quality music

We work with the best audio software such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Cubase. Mixing is the balance of each track within a composition. Equalization, timbre optimization, spatial collocation of the sound and many other technical adjustments make up the mixing work.

Mastering, on the other hand, is the final stage of the audio refinement of one or more tracks. Usually it is done immediately after a mix, but if you already have your mix and you need to complete your work with a quality master, we can take care of this last step. It will concern technical interventions such as compression, dynamics treatment, frequency improvement and correction and so on.

We use the most stable and performing DAWS (Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Digital Performer) and we have high quality audio equipment (Adam Audio, Beyerdynamic, Sony, Roland, Edifier, Motu, Tascam). Specifically, for mixing and mastering music we use excellent plug-ins suitable for every kind of request, from classical rock bands to experimental music up to orchestral arrangements (Ozone, Waves, Softtube, Soundtoys).

OL Music provides a professional team that will handle this delicate work. Over the years we have gained solid experience in recording studios for mixing and mastering unpublished music, and we guarantee the necessary expertise to work professionally at these services.

Servizi Mix e Mastering

Price RatesMix and Mastering Rates

For both services 10% discount on the total amount
  • Price for a single track
Mix + Mastering
  • Total Discount
  • Price for a single track

Why Choose OL Music

✓ Professionalism

We use the most advanced technologies such as up-to-date recording programs, high-performance hardware and software tools and high quality accessories, which guarantee faithful audio reproduction. Our goal is to make every single piece of work special, according to the customer’s needs and requests.

✓ Experience

OL Music’s team have many session players, arrangers, musicologists, sound engineers and sound designers, all having at least a decade of experience in the music industry. Our knowledge it’s at the service of the customer, collaborating together to get the best solution.

✓ Creativity

Our mission is to achieve the artistic goal and create added value on your projects. We create a real musical communication that can fully represent the customer and the message he wants to launch to his audience, in a totally creative and strictly personalized way.

✓ Competence

Quality is our keyword, which we can offer you thanks to the pertinence   of our team in music writing, playing and recording. OL music is a bunch of skillful people that can support your music with commitment, passion and extreme professionalism.

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