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A cutting-edge, creative artistic space, where ideas are born and raised: our music production studio aims at being a reference where artists, musicians, technicians and collaborators can work and discuss, pursuing the best result for all kinds of music services.

Not only our operative base, but also a meeting point for clients and industry professionals: a spot to share ideas, take inspiration or give suggestions, as well as reviewing projects with the team.

This is the place where original soundtracks are composed with film directors, where the sound design of videogames is created with developers: to put it simply, it’s the beating heart of our company, where music is created together with you.



Located in Bologna for several years, OL Music Studio combines the experience of the recording studio with the incision room, but still remains the will to create a unique artistic environment without barriers, absorbing the need for live performance on our computer workstation where our daily music production develops.

Our teams is composed of various collaborators, each capable of completing their tasks independently in the same place: this allows flexibility and efficiency while carrying out music projects, as well as assuring immediate quality control over our service, in which every detail is taken care of.

Take a look at our gear-list and let us inspire you with our creative studio. We look forward to seeing you!

Gear-List OL Music Studio


– Custom PC(AMD Ryzen 5 3600; 16GB RAM; 500GB SSD; 7TB HD)
– Sound Card Motu UltraLite Mk4
– Audio Interface Roland Rubix22
– Audio Interface Tascam US 16×08
– Monitor DELL U2515H 4K
– Monitor Adam Audio T7V (x2)
– Behringer X-Touch One Control Surface
– Headphones Amplifier Behringer PowerPlay HA8000 v2
– Arturia Beatstep MIDI controller
– Arturia Keystep MIDI controller


– Roland Juno–D
– Roland SE-02
– Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer
– Korg Monotribe
– Arturia Microfreak
– Novation UltraNova Synthesizer
– Korg Volca Keys
– Korg Volca Bass
– Korg Volca Samples
– Teenage Engineering: Robot; Rhythm


– Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro
– AKG K702
– AKG K240 Studio
– Rode NTH-100
– Sony MDR – 7506
– Rane RH2
– Sennheiser HD200 Pro
– Roland RH 200s
– Samson SR850
– In-ear Shure se215
– In-ear Audio-Technica ath-e40
– Mackie Thump 215 (x2)

Guitars & Amps

– Gibson Les Paul Standard 2007
– Squier Jaguar Classic Vibe
– Cort MR710F-12
– Fender Bassman Silverface 135
– Cassa Custom 2×12″ Celestion Vintage30
– Vox AC30 2×12″ Celestion Greenback
– Epiphone Thunderbird Bass
– Fender Bassman 400H
– Speakers Ampeg PF-210HE; PF-115LF


– Cubase 12 pro
– Ableton Live Lite 11
– MuseScore 4
– Reaper 6
– Spectralayers 9

Virtual Instruments

– Superior Drummer 3
– Kontakt 6
– Arturia SoundExplorer Collection 2
– Felt Instruments: Lekko; Jasno
– Red Room Audio: SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussions
– Spectrasonics: Keyscape; Trillian


– Rode NT1-A
– SE Electronics SE7 Matched Stereo Pair
– Shure SM58
– Shure SM57
– Shure SM48
– Sennheiser e604 (x3)
– Sennheiser e602 II


– Elektron Model:Cycles
– Roland TD-25
– Nord Drum 2 Modeling Percussion Synthetizer
– Alesis SamplePad 4
– Mapex Mars 22″;16″;14″;12″
– Tama Silverstar 20″;14″;12″
– Sonor Special Edition 14″x5,5″
– Mapex Mars Steel Snare 14″x6″
– Zildjian Cymbals: K Ride 20″; Crash of Doom 20″; K Ride-Crash 18″; K Dry Charleston 14″

Audio Plugins

– FabFilter Total Bundle
– Antares Auto-Tune
– Celemony Melodyne 5
– Waves Mercury Collection
– Brainworx: Masterdesk; Shadow Hill Mastering Compressor; Console Focusrite SC
– AmpliTube 5
– Valhalla DSP plugins
– Izotope: Ozone 9; Nectar 3
– SoundToys 5

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